We Create Exclusive Objects

that help the world CONNECT with your Brand.

 Custom 3D Printing Services

Why work with LEVR ?

Does your brand or company want to make meaningful connections with your
clients and extend the reach of your products and services to new prospects?
LEVR’s custom media packages help bring brands and people together!

Who works with LEVR ?

A wide variety of brands, both large and small, choose to work with us
because our custom media creations and marketing solutions help them make
authentic connections with their clients and prospects. Let us help your brand connect!

What do we create ?

Really unique, one-of-a-kind marketing and promotional tools.
Our 3D printing team brings your designs to life and provide custom tailored solutions to help businesses and brands like yours connect with their user community.

How does LEVR help your brand CONNECT ?

We Listen.

Tell us the story of your brand. The founders, early concept, development and launch. We need to hear, and know, the story in your own words. Who were your early adopters? How, when and where do users interact with your brand? What are the age, gender and geolocation demographics for your brand? And most importantly, what are your brand goals moving forward?

We Research.

We get to know your existing clients along with any target demographics.  We learn what business and social communities they’re active in, both online and offline, as well as industry related forums or user groups they belong to. We get to know what makes them tick so that we can provide you with connection points that will resonate.

We Create.

Brand Story + Market Data + Creative Media Services =  CONNECTION. Armed with the story of your brand and a backpack full of relevant user base metrics, the LEVR Creative team weaves this data into a pallet of brand-centric media and promotional items specifically created and targeted to resonate with your clients and prospects.  

Let LEVR tell the story of your brand
and help you
with your customers.

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